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Author of 

18 Stories 

Hope, Joy & Endless...Faith

Painting created by Kalsum Choudhry as charity work for a local daycare.

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Nautilus Award Winner
International Impact Award Recipient


18 Stories 

Hope, Joy & Endless...Faith

Hardback Only

Kalsum shares inspirational stories from beautiful creatures we often see but may not wonder what they're thinking about. Do creatures and animals of all kinds find the same love, joy, and hope that people do in various situations? Well, Kalsum welcomes you to find out. Children and adults alike will love looking for all the animals on the pages as you read these stories together.

  • Learn a secret lesson to staying 'cute from the Sparrows'

  • A Squirrels gets the message about Peer Pressure & Prayer?

  • Increase Your Faith with a Rooster's Help

It's by the creative pen and the inspiration of her late son, that she was able to overcome loss, by finding joy in writing. What has become a source of hope and inspiration for her will soon become great fun for many.

Once you read the 18 Stories, you'll have a newfound perspective on the creatures around you, near and far. As well, an inspiring read for families to share with children to teach beautiful lessons of love, joy, forgiveness, friendship, charity, kindness, and much more. These stories have meanings you can share and inspire others around you.

All proceeds for 2024 is dedicated to support children, orphans, health, shelter, food and education.

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About Kalsum A Choudhry

Who Is Kalsum A Choudhry?

Kalsum A. Choudhry lives in Missouri with her loving husband and daughters. Painting wall murals, gardening, designing, architecture, reading, sewing and dress making are her favorite hobbies in addition to writing.


She keeps herself busy with various charitable projects. In her free time, she loves to travel entertaining family and friends with home cooked meals and listening to music.

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